Manipulating Firmware, Thanks whoever you were, Idiots.

Let’s all give a hearty round of applause for whoever thought it would be a good idea to let this kind of danger out into the wild.

NSA Hacked Firmware

Now that the technology is out there and has been found, any bad guys can get their hands on the technology and apply it for their own purposes.

Remember, any weapon is a weapon you don’t want in the hands of your enemies so don’t go handing them out like candy.

Crash Override Network — Account Security 101: Passwords, Multifactor,…

Crash Override Network — Account Security 101: Passwords, Multifactor,….

I know, it’s hard to do somethings right. I also know there’s a lot of bad advice out there. This is pretty good though, for now. One of the problems with security is that as soon as a method becomes popular, it becomes a target for the bad guys/gals/ones.

Some of these points will (famous last words) remain relevant until passowrds become a thing of the past.