Naming conventions are poison. | Facility9

Naming conventions are poison. | Facility9.

In this article Jeremiah Peschka speaks from my heart. One day I hope naming conventions are going to go the way of … well … one of those things that went obsolete because technology moved ahead. (As a shining example, the A20 gate in x86 Processors. This was a hack when first introduced but it was a hack that stuck.) The rest of the computing environment changed so much that the A20 Gate became more trouble than it was worth. That’s how I feel abut naming conventions, causing more trouble than they are worth because the tools do a much better job of telling us what something is than messing with the name ever could.

I can, through my current work, now add some new hated naming conventions to my growing list. This one’s not a full grown hate, more an annoyance, but I don’t like naming an instance according to the version of SQL Server running it. It becomes tedious for everyone come the day that the old version is end-of-lifecycle.

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